Leanne Moore

Where’s The Willpower?

Today’s post is a little different from the norm but I wanted to share it in the hopes it might help in some little way. Willpower is a POWERFUL thing. Maintaining the willpower to keep a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always come easy. I often find that people say to me – “you’re lucky you are … Read more

Shape Up For Summer – May Morning Bootcamp

Are you looking for a high calorie burning mid morning class? Then my MAY BOOTCAMPS may be perfect for you! Monday and Wednesday mornings 10am-11am at The Body Building in Raheen in Limerick. Classes are a mix of weights, cardio and core work to help get you “Summer ready”.   Classes Include:  Food Plans Log … Read more

Leanne’s Top Tips…. On How To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

1: Low Sugar Protein Bars Some varieties of protein bars or health bars have as much fat and sugar as big brand chocolate bars. Choose wisely. Some of my favourite low sugar options include Quest Bars and CNP Professional XS Bars. 2: ProYo  I shared my favourite night time “sweet treat” recently but here’s a … Read more

An Eat Clean TV Snack – Kale Crisps

Here’s what I will be sitting down with tonight in keeping with The A Department’s ECC44 Challenge. It may seem a little boring but I ASSURE you they are not. Give them a go. You won’t regret it. What You Need:  – Fresh Kale (Dunnes Stores usually has it) – Low calorie spray – Seasoning … Read more

March Bums and Tums Challenge

March is upon us and you know what that means? Summer – YES SUMMER – is fast approaching. Today we’ve decided to draw up a little challenge for the month to help get those bums and tums in shape for the summer season. The March Challenge (below) is something you can add to the #ECC44 … Read more

Leanne’s Top Tips on….. Eating Clean Whilst Eating Out

It’s now DAY 10 of The A Department’s #ECC44 and one of the things that may be crossing your mind is how to eat clean when you are out for dinner. Today I’ve put together some of my TOP TIPS on how to stay on track when eating out.   Research The Restaurant:  It might sound … Read more

Leanne’s Day 1 For ECC44

Wednesday is possibly my BUSIEST day of the week beginning at 4.45am and ending sometime after 11pm. But it was also Day 1 of The A Department’s #ECC44 so today I’ve decided to write a post on how I manage to prep for a long day out of the house with little access to a … Read more